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Cenocco Asesino de mosquitos de succión lámpara

Referencia -CC-9096
Precio de venta recomendado 59.00€ HT

Lámpara antimosquitos UV sin radiación, segura y ecológica. Ventilador integrado potente, no tóxico, sin ruido. Sensor de luz inteligente, seguro para todos. USB, cepillo de limpieza incluido.

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  • EAN : 0634158799884
  • ISBN : 85437090
  • Peso : 0.50 Kg
  • Volumen : 0.00259 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 12.00 cm x 12.00 cm x 18.00 cm
  • Caja : 24 uds
  • Paleta : 480 (Uds.)
  • Dimensiones de la caja : 51cm x 38cm x 39cm
  • Certificaciones :

Descripción y especificaciones del producto

Protected by our family of insects and insects, especially mosquitoes, with the Cenocco CC-9096, a USB-powered mosquito lamp that uses a UV ray protection system. This extraordinary lamp has no radiation, is ecological and non-toxic, so that it is safe for pets, especially for embarazadas and babies. The basic lamp uses a bright ultraviolet light that catches the flying insects, illuminating 360 degrees, one that activates the capture radio, the built-in CC fan produces a wind blow and a strong suction effect that sucks the insects into the center of the Anti-escape storage box allows you to catch it inside the unit until it has died. The convenient USB power adapter can power the unit in multiple formats across your computer, power bank, USB adapter or any power supply that complements the power required by the unit.
Use any lugar and any moment to eliminate pets and insects that molest and carry enclosures, especially babies who are dead. The efficiency of the unit can cover 360 degrees in an area of ​​30-50m². Portable and easy to use, it's perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen and other indoor environments, and no solo indoors, it can be used during trips and campsites that allow you to enjoy a night without insects.



  • Ultraviolet lamp to protect against mosquitoes
  • No radiation and user security
  • Sin environmental and ecological contamination.
  • Chemical and non-toxic spray
  • Powerful integrated fan
  • Fan incorporated with high resistance with high suction effect
  • Intelligent light sensor technology
  • Seguro para babies, embarazadas y mascotas.
  • Sin ruidos molestos y molestos
  • Press the tap to activate the day/night light sensor
  • The ultraviolet LED light catches mosquitoes in an area of ​​360 degrees (30-50m²)
  • Long life and high efficiency.
  • Light source technology
  • Intelligent and smooth ignition switch
  • Direct power supply from USB (USB included)
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Suitable for sleeping quarters, bedroom, office, kitchen, hotel, restaurant, etc.


  • Brand: Cenocco
  • Color: white, black
  • Material: ABS
  • Power source: USB
  • Power input: 5 V 500mA
  • Nominal voltage: 5 V
  • Nominal power: 3 W
  • Rated current: 30 mA
  • Effective area: 30-50m²
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