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» MSY INVEST New Fitness Collection: What to Expect from MSY INVEST's Latest Fitness Products!

MSY INVEST New Fitness Collection: What to Expect from MSY INVEST's Latest Fitness Products!

Everyone knows that staying active is important for overall health and wellness. But what exactly is ‘being active’? When it comes to getting and staying physically active, some people might think that it means running marathons or joining a fitness class. While those things certainly help, being active can be so much more than that!

The term ‘being active’ has changed over the years. The current definition of ‘being active’ is ‘engaging in a regular, moderate-intensity physical activity that is enjoyable'. In other words, being active doesn’t just mean doing a few intense exercises. It can also mean taking part in simple, everyday activities that help you keep fit.

Fitness trackers, such as the Fitbit or the FuelBand, are great for monitoring your daily step count. But what about monitoring your general physical health and wellness? Enter the MSY INVEST Fitness Collection! The Fitness Collection is a new fitness products from UMBRO and DUNLOP that is bringing a fresh perspective to health and wellness by introducing wellness products that are fun, functional and affordable!


What to Expect from MSY INVEST's Fitness Products?

The MSY INVEST Fitness Collection is a group of fun, functional and affordable fitness products from the UMBRO and DUNLOP brands. The collection includes the Umbro Leg and Arm Trainer and Fitness Exerciser and the Gymnastic Dumbbells, the Gym Ball, the Yoga and Fitness Mat, the Single Abdominal Trainer Wheel, the Sport Agility Drill and, of course, the Dunlop Sport Agility Drill and a Beginners Guide to the Fitness Collection!


What Makes the MSY INVEST Fitness Collection Different?

The biggest difference between the MSY INVEST Fitness Collection and other fitness brands, is that they are designed to be accessible to everyone. If we look at other leading fitness brands, many of them are targeted specifically towards fitness professionals and fitness centers. With the MSY INVEST Fitness Collection, we have created a lineup of products that is great for both home use, and commercial use. This allows fitness brands to offer a wider range of fitness options and makes the entire fitness experience more accessible to everyone.


Umbro Leg and Arm Trainer and Fitness Exerciser

The Umbro Leg and Arm Trainer and Fitness Exerciser is great for toning your leg and arm muscles, and will help you get fit for any sport. This makes you feel fitter and sharper of mind. This is also ideal to increase your concentration while working and to combat fatigue. Lose fat fast, while sitting in front of your computer or on the couch. Molded pedals provide a comfortable grip for use as an arm bike, or strap in your feet for the perfect leg exerciser while sitting. Our rubber straps are more adjustable & durable than notches. The exercycle has programmable resistance levels and tracks your workout progress through an LCD display. The display accumulates your time, distance, and calories until you reset them. It also works on batteries and with a maximum user weight of 130kg. Tt’s also easy for storage and transport.


Umbro Gym Dumbbells

The Gym Dumbbells from the MSY INVEST Fitness Collection are great for improving your upper body strength, and building muscle tone. The Umbro dumbbell set is made from durable cast iron material, affordable and perfect for use at home or in a small personal training studio. These dumbbells come with a neoprene coating that can withstand everyday use while still looking crisp and neat. Dumbbell weights use heavy-duty rubber heads to minimize noise and reduce wear-and-tear damage to equipment and the floor. Compact, they are ideal for use just about anywhere: at the gym, at home and even outdoors. The neoprene cover of the dumbbells provides a comfortable and secure grip and protects fitness equipment from damage. The hexagonal shape of the dumbbell heads prevents the dumbbells from rolling when put down to perform other exercises. Dumbbells use heavy-duty rubber heads to minimize noise and reduce wear-and-tear damage to equipment and the floor. Compact, they are ideal for use just about anywhere: at the gym, at home and even outdoors. The dumbbells can be used to build strength, or to increase muscle definition.


Umbro Gym Ball

The Gym Ball is the perfect blend of functionality and fun. The D65cm Burst-Resistant Fitness Ball is a multi-functional soft, lightweight, versatile piece of exercise equipment that can be used for both fitness activities as well as physical therapy practices. You can use it at home, the office, or at the gym to perform a wide range of exercises to help improve balance, coordination, flexibility and stabilization. This piece of equipment easily integrates into your daily routine; by adjusting the inflation intensity in order to customize the stability level you need.

Use the fitness ball for working your obliques, inner thighs, ab workouts, lower back and even low impact exercises for beginners. The Fitness Ball is made with durable materials to avoid bursting. It is also storage friendly, slip resistant, easy to use and easy to clean. It’s perfect for working out at home, or for traveling.


Umbro Yoga and Fitness Mat

The Yoga and Fitness Mat is the perfect addition to any fitness routine, and can be used for stretching, yoga, and strength training. It provides a non-slip and cushioned soft surface, which makes it easier to perform floor exercises and yoga asanas safely and comfortably. Durable from wear and tear, washable, stylish and easy to roll up. Small and convenient to carry it can be used outdoors at home in the ​office in the playground. It has a Double-sided foam material, dustproof design environmental protection and anti-bacterial anti-static. With a soft excellent flexibility that can reduce the pain of the body in contact with the ground slip effects and excellent toughness and high tensile strength


Dunlop Single Abdominal Trainer Wheel Fitness Exercise

The Single Abdominal Trainer Wheel is perfect for increasing core body strength, and toning your abdominal muscles. The wheel has a smooth circumference, with raised bumps on the outer edges. This helps to target the outer muscles, while still providing a comfortable workout.  The roller is a perfect complement to both strength training and training focused on stretching the muscles. Specially shaped handles ensure comfort and do not slip out of your hands during exercise.


Dunlop Sport Agility Drill

The Sport Agility Drill is an excellent cardiovascular workout, and is great for improving your speed and agility. This is an excellent workout for those who enjoy team sports, or who just want to stay active, and healthy. It will help you improve coordination, rebound, technique, and mobility. Easy to place 4-meter ladder can be used. With the 4 pegs, it is possible to fix the training ladder to the ground. Increase or decrease the distance between the slats to increase the exercise. At the end of the ladder, there are connectable closing clips. Roll up the ladder again and place it in the supplied case. This way you can keep everything together and the staircase takes up little space.



The MSY INVEST Fitness Collection will bring a fresh perspective to health and wellness by introducing fun, functional and affordable fitness products. These products are great for both home use, and commercial use, and are perfect for anyone who wants to get fit, stay active, and lead a healthy life.




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