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» » » Imperial Collection 28cm Marble Coated Grill Pan
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Imperial Collection 28cm Marble Coated Grill Pan

Reference -IM-GRLD28-FMT
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Imperial Collection IM-GRLD28-FMT: 28cm Marble Coated Grill Pan

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  • EAN : 9281234567008
  • Weight : 1.20 Kg
  • Volume : 0.01440 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 48.00 cm x 30.00 cm x 10.00 cm
  • Box : 6 units
  • Pallet : 72 (Units)
  • Box dimensions : 62cm x 50cm x 31cm

Imperial Collection IM-GRLD28-FMT: 28cm Marble Coated Grill Pan
Imperial Collection IM-GRLD28-FMT: 28cm Marble Coated Grill Pan 
Imperial Collection ensures that the best kitchen and cooking equipment are available for the best results. The inner surface, which resembles a grill, can be used as both a pan and a grill. This pan is safe to use on the stovetop. The streaked surface encourages fat to drain from the meat, and the design allows excess fat to be removed from the pan. It is an ideal choice for you who want to give a special smoky taste to your meat, fish, and vegetables. It is made of aluminum, a material that makes it light, very resistant to rust, and very fast to heat. We suggest you choose this grill if you want to cook 2-4 servings of food. To keep the non-stick coating intact, we advise you to allow the utensil to cool before cleaning it and to avoid the cleaning wire. Prefer a soft, synthetic sponge. Its strong conductivity ensures consistent cooking. 
  • 2 in 1 frying pan and grill pan
  • 3 Layer marble coating
  • Allows cooking and frying of food with a small amount of fat or water
  • Streaks provide fat drainage from the meat 
  • Design allows the extra fat to be extracted from the pan
  • Resistant to abrasion and high temperatures
  • Designed for all types of kitchens
  • Easy to clean, also suitable for dishwasher.
  • Cooktops: Inductive, Gas, Electric, Ceramic
  • Excellent conductivity it offers guarantees even cooking.
  • Brandname: Imperial Collection
  • Color: Black, Copper
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Coating: Triple layer marble coating
  • Lid Material: Glass with S/S knob
  • Product dimensions: 28cm x 2cm x 7.5cm
  • Diameter: 28 cm
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