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Macinapepe Herzberg inox

Riferimento -HG-8106
Prezzo consigliato dal fabbricante: 26.99€ Tasse escluse

Corpo in acciaio inossidabile spazzolato, camera acrilica resistente. Motore potente, evita intasamenti. Funzionamento con una mano, ricarica facile, indicatore LED.

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Condividere :
  • EAN : 5404035000823
  • ISBN : 850940900
  • Peso : 0.40 Kg
  • Volume : 0.04960 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 22.00 cm x 15.00 cm x 11.00 cm
  • Scatola : 50 unità
  • Dimensioni della scatola : 62cm x 32cm x 25cm
  • Manuale d'Uso :

Descrizione e specifiche del prodotto

The Herzberg HG-8106 machine in stainless steel is elegant and refined and has a classy touch to your kitchen. Its modern design will be at the focal point of your dream table, prompting compliments of familiarity and hospitality! It is designed in a transparent container of 80 ml capacity to facilitate filling and control of the liquid. It melts in a safe mode to avoid loss and keep it fresh.



  • The body is made of spazzolato stainless steel and the design of the camera is made of acrylic, making the machine extremely resistant and will not be damaged by the rottura of the glass. 
  • The powerful and fast motor guarantees a long life and does not slow down if it corrodes, guaranteeing the safety of the food. Guaranteed not if it is intact or if it is blocky if it is grani di pepe più hardi, in Kosher sale, in Himalayan sale or in other species. 
  • Functioning with a single hand and a pulsating solo. Ideal for those who do not suffer from arthritis or dolores chronico alle mani. Use only one hand to mix the stufato, marinate the bistecca, mix the insalata or respond to the phone. Use the freshest recipe for your recipe in the quantity you desire!
  • Easy recording and monitoring of live feeds
  • It melts so gently to avoid loss and maintain freshness.
  • Since this automatic machine is portable, it can be easily moved in the kitchen. 
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design of this product, it is possible to carry it in the campground, for picnics and for barbecues. It is possible to aggiungere what sapore in more than one pasto.
  • Ideal for inauguration, marriage, vacation and celebration. 
  • You can easily install this product if there is any problem.
  • Nessun richio di vetri, rotture, ruggine or corrosione.
  • You can control the fineness of the machine using a quick adjustment on the background (fine, media, coarse).
  • Tap on the chiusura on the bottom to maintain the spezie asciutte.
  • LED light indicator allows you to cook the amount of condiment on the dish.
  • Special acrylic camera with ample viewing to make it easier and faster to shoot.
  • With ceramic machine suitable for dirty marinade and all its variations.


  • Marchio: Herzberg
  • Color: Argento
  • Material: Macchie 
  • Battery operation: Sì (not included)
  • Altezza: 22.3 cm
  • Width: 5.3 cm


  • 1 x inossidabile machine
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