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» How To Install MSY Dropshipping App in Shopify Store

How To Install MSY Dropshipping App in Shopify Store

MSY Dropshipping is an application that will help you create an online store that sells your products directly. It will reduce your time spent on managing your online store and help you increase your sales. It also has a feature that allows you to ship your products to customers through a dropshipping service. This article will teach you how to install the app in your Shopify store and get started with your dropshipping store.


Follow these steps:


  1. In the backend of your shopify store, check the left side bar panel of your screen.





       2. Look for your Apps icon Then, Click your apps Icon 






       3. After clicking the Apps Icon, the Apps panel will appear.







       4. Then on the right corner of your screen click Customize store button. 






       5. This will lead you to the Shopify App Store.







       6. On the search bar type in "MSY DROPSHIPPING", even if you just type "MSY" the search bar will recommend the MSY Dropshipping app already. 







       7. Then hit Enter, or just click the app itself and MSY Dropshipping will appear.






       8. Click "Add App”







       9. This will lead you to another page where you will need to install the app








      10. On the right corner of your screen click “Install app”.  







      11. Congratulations, your successfully install the MSY Dropshipping app! 







Please note that the price of the product does not contain the shipping rates and the tax.


If you are going to sell to a country in which you are not catering yet or you just want to change your shipping rates to align with our rate, please make sure that you update the country in your Shopify shipping rates. Also, update and complete your store and business Information, especially your VAT Number.


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