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» » Royalty Line RL-KSS600, Knife set 8 pieces

Royalty Line RL-KSS600, Knife set 8 pieces

Reference -RL-KSS600
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Royalty Line RL-KSS600, Knife set 8 pieces

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  • EAN : 5407004741307
  • ISBN : 82119200
  • Weight : 1.90 Kg
  • Volume : 0.01098 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 17.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 38.00 cm
  • Box : 6 units
  • Pallet : 120 (Units)
  • Box dimensions : 61 x 34 x 40

Royalty-Line RL-KSS600

Royalty Line RL-KSS600; Knife set 8 pieces


All Royalty Line knives, with different materials, can be washed in dishwashers. However Royalty Line recommends you to


wash your knives by hand to prolong its lifetime. Dishwasher chemicals can give harm to your knife’s blade and handle.


Please wash your knife by hand with warm water, washing-up liquid and soft cloth. Dry your knife after each cleaning.


Using your knife as a can opener or screw driver can damage its cutting edge. Please do not misuse your other than


preparing food.



Please do not use your knife on hard surfaces like glass, metal or porcelain. These surfaces will dull your knife. Royalty


Line recommends you to use wooden and plastic cutting boards. Over time any knife will lose its sharpness with regular


use. Please use Royalty Line Sharpener to sharpen your knife for optimum results.



- 6.5" Cleaver Knife


- 8" Chef Knife


- 8Bread Knife


- 5" Utility Knife


- 3.5Paring Knife


- 7.25" Sharpener


- 7.5" Scissors


- Stand

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