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» » » Cheffinger CF-1600S: Set Di Pentole In Acciaio Inox (Inox) Da 16 Pezzi
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Cheffinger CF-1600S: Set Di Pentole In Acciaio Inox (Inox) Da 16 Pezzi

Riferimento -CF-1600S
Prezzo consigliato dal fabbricante: 199.00€ Tasse escluse

Set di pentole in acciaio inox di alta qualità, resistente ai graffi, lavabile in lavastoviglie. Fondo termico a 9 strati per cottura precisa. Design elegante e resistente.

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Condividere :
  • EAN : 5404035005903
  • ISBN : 73239300
  • Peso : 9.00 Kg
  • Volume : 0.05610 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 51.00 cm x 55.00 cm x 20.00 cm
  • Scatola : 2 unità
  • Pallet : 32 (Unità)
  • Dimensioni della scatola : 57 x 52 x 41

Descrizione e specifiche del prodotto

We present the Cheffinger CF-1600S: A 16-piece pentole set in stainless steel (Inox), meticulously made to elevate your culinary journey to new heights. This capolavoro of stoviglie is a symphony of form and function, dove the art of the kitchen against the science of the precision. Made in high-quality, inossidabile accessories, this pentole set is not only an essential element of the kitchen, but a culinary companion that offers extended durability, easy maintenance and versatile performance.

The surface of this pentole and padelle is a testament to its durability, as it is not only resistant to the rigor of everyday use, but is incredibly resistant to graffiti and deformation. The pentole rimangono in impeccable conditions also dopo countless culinary adventures. The body in stainless steel has an almost magical quality, as it maintains the purity of the sapori of your piatti non essendo reattivo. It's a symphony of taste created by the most exquisite chef.

The polishing is a simple pensiero, perché this pentole set has the gift of things washable in dishwashers. Add to the tireless work of strofinamento and ammollo, and assaporate your pasta with piacere.

The strongest part of this culinary ensemble is the thermal background at 9 strati, a meraviglia of culinary engineering. The thermal base at 9 strati is a meraviglia of culinary engineering and orchestrates a ballet of rapid and uniform heat distribution, ensuring that your culinary creations are designed with the utmost precision. Che stiate cooking slowly, jumping or scottando, potete star certi che y vostri piatti usciranno da questa grande performance perfettamente cotti.

The Cheffinger CF-1600S is not just versatile, it is a virtuoso. Danza con grazia su tutti i fornelli, da quelli a induzione a quelli a gas, da quelli elettrici a quelli in ceramica, fino a quelli alogeni. This is your culinary passaporto to prepare and your piatti preferiti su qualsiasi palcoscenico scegliate.

This symphony of culinary art comprises a complete selection of pentole, from pentole of various dimensions with elegant metal caps to a harmonious ciotola per mezcolare with a sicuro plastic caperchio. The inside is subsequently heated by a steam pen and a stuzzicante padella impreziosita by a stainless steel bowl. Includes additional tappetini in bachelite and a comfortable vacuum pulse, to soddisfare any culinary essence.

Elevate your culinary skills, learn about a gastronomic journey and explore the infinite realm of culinary possibilities with the 16-piece stainless steel pentole set Cheffinger CF-1600S. Here is a simple pentola: it is an invitation to create gourmet capolavori and raggiungere culinary eccellenza.




  • High-quality inossidabile actuation: Performed in premium quality inossidabile actuation, this pentole set offers uneccezionale durata, ensuring a long life in the kitchen.
  • Resistant to graffiti and all deformations: The surface of the pentole is resistant to graffiti and all deformations, maintaining its quality and appearance even with everyday use.
  • Non-reactive body: the body in stainless steel does not react with food, preserving the purity of the meat and the taste.
  • Washable in dishwasher: This pentole set is washable in dishwasher and you consent to enjoy your own culinary creations without one clean cleaning.
  • Thermal base at 9 strati: Thanks to the thermal base at 9 strati, the heat distribution is fast and uniform, guaranteeing precise and cost-effective tailoring results.
  • Versatile compatibility with ovens: This pentole set is adapted to all ovens and tipi, compressing the induction, gas, electric, ceramic and alogeni, offering flexibility in the cooking area.
  • Complete set: The set includes a pentole of various dimensions with metal caps, a saucepan for mixing with plastic caps, a steam pen and a padella with stainless steel caps, to offer a complete culinary solution.
  • Accessories included: Comes with double tappetini in bachelite and a vacuum button for great comfort during your culinary adventure.
  • Elegant and resistant design: This pentole set not only offers superior functionality, but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen thanks to its elegant structure in stainless steel.
  • Cooking with high energy efficiency: The thermal base at 9 strati ensures a uniform distribution of heat, allowing you to cook in a more efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Easy to challenge: The pentole is equipped with ergonomic handles that guarantee a comfortable and safe grip, facilitating the transportation of the hot pad from the fornelli to the table.
  • Precision workmanship: The metal cover is equipped with a perfect fit, adjusting the heat and moisture to the pentole's interior, so that it fits perfectly.
  • Space Saving: The clean design of the pentole set keeps the storage space to a minimum, keeping the kitchen organized and private.




  • Brand: Chefinger
  • Color: Chrome
  • Body Materials: Inossidabile Acciaio
  • Cupboard material: Stainless steel
  • Mittens Materiali: Bakelite
  • Materials of the miscellaneous container: Plastic
  • Thermal depth: 9 strati
  • 1 pentola with metal cape: 24x14cm. 6.3L
  • 1 casseroola with metal cupboard: 20x10cm. 3.1L
  • 1 casseroola with metal cupboard: 16x8cm. 1.6L
  • 1 casseroola with metal cupboard: 16x8cm. 1.6L
  • 1 x Ciotola per mescolare with plastic cup: 20cm
  • 1 x Steam Pen: 20x9.5cm
  • 1 x Padella with caperchio in stainless steel: 24x6.5 cm. 2.9L
  • 2 x Tappeto in bachelite
  • 1 x Suction button
  • Add to everything and tipi of ovens: Induzione, gas, elettricità, ceramica and alogeni.
  • Washable in washing machine: Yes


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