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» » Herzberg HG-03992: Mini Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 3 in 1
Herzberg HG-03992: Mini Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 3 in 1

Herzberg HG-03992: Mini Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 3 in 1

Riferimento -HG-03992
Prezzo consigliato dal fabbricante: 60.00€ Tasse escluse

Herzberg HG-03992 offre funzionalità di pulizia multifunzionali, tra cui una ventola e un compressore per vuoto, garantendo prestazioni versatili per varie attività di pulizia. Grazie alla potente aspirazione, al funzionamento wireless senza interruzioni e agli accessori completi, offre risultati di pulizia efficienti su più superfici, rendendolo una scelta affidabile per case, automobili e uffici.

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  • EAN : 5404035003992
  • ISBN : 850811000
  • Peso : 0.49 Kg
  • Volume : 0.00238 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 20.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 7.00 cm
  • Scatola : 40 unità
  • Dimensioni della scatola : 67cm x 35cm x 46cm


Presentation by Herzberg HG-03992: mini portable wireless vacuum cleaner 3 in 1, a versatile polishing solution designed to handle various polishing activities. This innovative device does not serve only as a vacuum cleaner for the domestic interior and for the car, but also functions as a ventilator and compressor for your needs, offering multifunctional utility in a single compact unit.


Powered by a robust motor with high performance of 120W, this portable dust vacuum cleaner without filters offers an extra powerful vacuum cleaner of 9000 Pa, cleaning without straining pet peli from domestic animals, dust, sporco and detriti from any surface. While you are polishing the interior of your car, the sofa, the carpet, and the furniture and even the furniture, this portable vacuum cleaner guarantees efficient cleaning of almost every surface, offering simple comfort for your cleaning needs.


With its wireless design, Herzberg HG-03992 allows for trouble-free cleaning without any problems, offering freedom of movement to move with ease even in areas that are inaccessible. Provided with four exchangeable bags, with a bag per fessure per giunti and angoli stretti, a spazzola bag per tappeti and capelli and a vacuum testina per various applications, this portable vacuum cleaner guarantees accurate and effective cleaning without spazi morti. Furthermore, the package includes practical accessories such as a long manico and a reliable head for great versatility. With an elegant gray design, compact dimensions and a comfortable USB rich capacity, Herzberg HG-03992 is the definitive solution for all your washing needs, dry and wet, offering performance and practicality in a single portable case.





  • Multifunctional design: this feature shows the versatility of the vacuum cleaner, outlining its capacity to serve multiple applications other than the traditional vacuum cleaner. The inclusion of functions such as fan and compressor is available and has extensive utility, making it suitable for various cleaning and maintenance activities.
  • Powerful features: This function emphasizes the capacity of the vacuum cleaners to ensure efficient cleaning. The motor with high performance and the impressive power of aspiration guarantee accurate polishing of various surfaces, including carpets, carpets and hard floors.
  • Polishing without interruptions: with a wireless design, this function allows the polishing tools without the limitations of the files or cables. Provide freedom of movement, allowing the raggiungere utensils to be easily spaced and are inaccessible.
  • Compatibility with all surfaces: this feature demonstrates the versatility of the vacuum cleaner in cleaning various surfaces, ensuring its effectiveness in various environments such as home, car and office. Guarantee that you can receive your vacuum cleaner for complete polishing.
  • Complete accessories: including the replacement parts, this function improves the functionality and adaptation of the vacuum cleaner. This accessory has a specific polishing scope, guaranteeing accurate polishing without loss of time.
  • Battery life: This function emphasizes the resistance and usability of the vacuum cleaner. The long duration of the battery allows prolonged cleaning sessions without interruptions, while a brief period of cleaning guarantees rapid response time after further use.
  • Portable and leggero: The compact design and leggero dell'aspirapolvere makes it easy to transport and maneuver, improving user comfort. This functionality guarantees that you can manage the cleaning activities comfortably and effortlessly.
  • Simple maintenance: showing the intuitive design of the vacuum cleaner, this function emphasizes the ease of assembly and cleaning of the components. Ensure that all users can maintain the vacuum cleaner in optimal conditions with minimal effort.
  • Modern design: this feature emphasizes the aesthetic appeal and contemporary design of the vacuum cleaner. Add a touch of style to the polishing experience, improving comprehensive soddisfazione dell'utente.
  • Complete package: including practical accessories, this function is guaranteed by the use of all accessories that have been carefully prepared for an appropriate cleaning experience. Improves the value proposition of the vacuum cleaner, providing you with a complete cleaning solution.



  • Materiale: ABS
  • Colore: Gray
  • Product power: 120 W
  • Battery life: 30-40 minutes.
  • Time to say ricarica: 3-4 hours.
  • USB cable dimensions: 100 cm/39.37 inches.
  • Item package weight: 300 g
  • Package weight: 480 g/1.05 inch
  • Product dimensions: 16.5 x 14 cm / 6.5 x 5.51 inches.
  • Package Contents 1 testina, 1 fessura, 1 vacuum cleaner, 1 vacuum cleaner, 1 USB cable, 1 vacuum cleaner
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