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» » Herzberg HG-5044: Bollitore Elettrico in Vetro da 1.8 Litri con Indicatore Luminoso a LED

Herzberg HG-5044: Bollitore Elettrico in Vetro da 1.8 Litri con Indicatore Luminoso a LED

Riferimento -HG-5044
Prezzo consigliato dal fabbricante: 40.00€ Tasse escluse

Design moderno, elegante ed elegante. Contenitore in vetro resistente al calore, elemento riscaldante in acciaio inossidabile nascosto. Scala del livello dell'acqua, spegnimento automatico e protezione da bollitura a secco. Indicatore LED interno.

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Condividere :
  • EAN : 4690597149754
  • ISBN : 85167970
  • Peso : 1.45 Kg
  • Volume : 0.01093 m3
  • Capacità : 1.80 L
  • (L x l x H) : 25.00 cm x 23.00 cm x 19.00 cm
  • Scatola : 12 unità
  • Pallet : 96 (Unità)
  • Dimensioni della scatola : 58cm x 46cm x 52cm

Descrizione e specifiche del prodotto



Herzberg HG-5044: Electric bottle with glass of 1.8 liters is an elegant electric bottle from the modern side with beautiful blue LED light indicator during heating. It is made of high-quality glass alloy that is heat-resistant and durable and corrosion-resistant with an inexhaustible coating made by hand for its own use. The material of the bottle is BPA-free and it has high borosilicate glass that is heat-resistant and moisture-resistant and can withstand the high temperature of its rompers. The internal surface area does not change the quality of the water during its heating and preservation of its natural aroma. It has a decent capacity of 1.8 liters, perfect for a fresh coffee, instant coffee, and other coffees. The heating element is inacquainted with inossidabile and gradually produces a rapid boiling mechanism which allows the boiler to fill within 5 minutes. This bowl in the glass has a 360 degree rotating base and a comfortable, easy to handle position for maneuverability and convenience. It is in the cordless glass with an automatic transmission for some malfunctions and an anti-evaporation protection. Easy to pull and open the control panel, this button is easy to use.






  • Modern, elegant and elegant design
  • Custodia in glass resistant to heat
  • Elemento rescaldante nascosto in acciaio inossidabile
  • Scala del livello dell’acqua
  • Automatic display and automatic shutdown of the safety alarm
  • Internal LED light indicator while it is heating
  • Base gyrevole and gyrevole at 360 gradi
  • Spacious switch for the cable
  • Toss and privacy of BPA
  • Rapid boiling mechanism
  • Rimovibili filter maglie
  • Grande impugnatura fresca
  • Robust and resistant materials
  • Cordless, portable and without problems
  • Automatic speed function and anti-boost protection.
  • Design of safe and private vapor contamination
  • Nessun complicated control panel
  • Construction of materials for food use for safe health
  • Perfect for a fresh tea, instant coffee, zuppe and other ancora





  • Marchio: Herzberg
  • Color: Nero and Argento
  • Bollitore material: borosilicate glass and inossidabile acciaio
  • Body material: ABS
  • Capacity: 1.8 liters
  • Tassi di ingresso 1850-2200 W.
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions of the bag: 22 cm x 18.7 cm x 25 cm


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