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» MSY Dropshipping in Shopify: How to Make Money Online with Shopify

MSY Dropshipping in Shopify: How to Make Money Online with Shopify

Upscaling your dropshipping business is the most difficult task for all e-commerce store owners. But, it’s not just challenging – it’s rewarding! Drip-feeding new customers and products consistently will increase your profit margins in no time. That said, there are some challenges that you need to overcome before you can take things to the next level. One of them is how to set up a dropshipping business on Shopify.



How to Make Money Online with Shopify

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Shopify dropshipping, let’s explore how you can make money online with Shopify. Revenue models while using Shopify:

- E-Commerce: Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re selling the products on your Shopify store, you’re doing e-commerce. This is by far the most profitable business model and we highly recommend it.

- Affiliate Marketing: You’re not actually selling products but rather promoting someone else’s products and getting a commission for each sale.

- Dropshipping: You don’t keep the products in your inventory. You get your supplier to ship the products to the customer directly.

- Services: You provide a service, such as website or app development. When you partner with a Shopify store owner, you can offer your services in exchange for a percentage of their sales.

- Subscription Boxes: You provide a subscription service. For example, every month your customer receives a new t-shirt. - Investing: You buy products with the hope that their value will increase over time.



Why Shopify for dropshipping?

First of all, it’s important to understand why Shopify is the preferred eCommerce solution for dropshipping. Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform that lets you set up a store and sell products without owning any inventory. Since you don’t own any inventory, you don’t have to worry about where to store your products, how to ship them, or when to get them to your customers. Shopify will take care of all that for you! Typically, dropshipping is a retail model in which the e-retailer doesn’t keep the products in stock; instead, the e-retailer purchases the products from a third-party supplier once the customer orders the product. In some cases, you can also use an existing Shopify store to start dropshipping.



How to Set up Shopify Dropshipping Store

To start off, go to Shopify and create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be directed to the onboarding page, where you can decide which plan you want to go with. Visit the Shopify pricing page to choose a plan that suits you best! Once you’ve selected a plan, create an account, and signed into your dashboard, you can start building a store. There are three main aspects of your Shopify store that you need to consider before starting. First, choose a store name and a theme for your store. Second, set up your payment and shipping details. Finally, add products to your store.

Once you’ve set up your Shopify store and chosen a product to dropship, it’s time to source products from a supplier. There are plenty of suppliers that you can source products from, but make sure that you do your research before finalizing a supplier. Some suppliers will let you sell the products without any MOQ, which is great for beginners. The next thing you need to do is set up your online store. You can use a plugin or a theme to set up your online store. You also need to create a payment method so that your customers can make the payment. There are many payment methods that you can choose from. You can set up a Shopify payment gateway, PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment method. Once you’ve set up your Shopify store



Shopify Apps you need for Dropshipping

 First, you need to know which apps are essential for beginners. There are tons of apps available in Shopify and some of them are eCommerce apps, checkout apps, Stock apps, marketing apps and many more. Here’s a list of the Shopify apps that will help you run your dropshipping store like a pro.

- Inventory Manager: If you are planning to sell on a dropshipping model, you will need to track your sales and inventory in real-time. The Inventory Manager app is the most suitable choice for this purpose. It tracks order information, inventory, and shipments, as well as assists you in creating product variants and pricing your products.

- Sales and Trends: This app helps you track your sales and customer trends so that you’re able to keep a close eye on your business. It allows you to track everything from product sales and costs to customer engagement and product reviews.

- Discounts for Me: This app is a must-have for any eCommerce store owner. It lets you create discount codes for your products and track their usage. You can even set a recurring discount code so that your customers can get a discount on your products every week or every month.

- One-Click Upsell: One of the biggest challenges for a drop shipper is to increase their average order value. You can use the One-Click Upsell app to offer related products to your customers. Let’s say you’re selling t-shirts online, you can add a t-shirt as a related item and provide a discount.

- Abandoned Cart: You can use this app to send emails to your customers who have added products to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase. This app helps you increase your sales by reminding your customers that they have items in their carts.

- Product Discovery: This app is designed for small businesses and drop shippers. The app uses artificial intelligence to select trending products and curates your store. You just need to choose the products and mark them as sales. The app will restock the products once they’re sold out.

- Inventory Forecasting: This app helps you in forecasting your inventory. You can use it to plan your inventory, set up a threshold for reordering inventory and avoid overselling products.



MSY Dropshipping App

The MSY Dropshipping app is one of the best apps for dropshipping in Shopify. The app gives you a wide variety of trending products, just install the app and upload the products to your store and access all MSY inventory in an instant. Why MSY Dropshipping app? There are many reasons to choose this app.

  • First of all, it’s affordable. You can get it for free to start your dropshipping store with this app.
  • Second, it offers a wide range of high-potential and innovative products with diversified collections with wholesale prices to start or grow your business with a high-profit margin.
  • You can find trending products in health & beauty, home & garden, electronics, and sports & outdoors.
  • We carry out stock management, warehousing, and logistic operations for you. No stock holding, No buying of big-cost products, and prompt & direct delivery system
  • Hassle-free marketing mechanics, Connect through a live feed, CSV, XML, JSON, and API directly to our system with a breeze so you can focus on optimizing profit & strategizing marketing
  • Finally, the app is completely secure and safe. Your customers’ information remains confidential because the app doesn’t require them to enter any sensitive information like their credit card details or bank account information.

MSY Dropshipping aims to provide strong relationships and personal and humane experience as they understand your business more than anyone.


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Dropshipping is a great way to start an eCommerce business with no upfront investment. With Shopify, you can set up your store quickly and easily and start bringing in sales. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, like choosing a product to sell and setting up your store. Once you have done that, you can start making sales and watching your business grow. Now that you know what dropshipping is and how to set up a Shopify dropshipping store, it’s time to get started. With some hard work and patience, you will soon be earning a consistent income from your new eCommerce store.


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