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» » » Masaje Cenocco de relajación muscular profunda con pistola

Masaje Cenocco de relajación muscular profunda con pistola

Referencia -CC-9111
Precio de venta recomendado 199.00€ HT

El vibrador de masaje muscular incluye 6 cabezales para una experiencia relajante. 3 velocidades, reducción de ruido, motor potente y silencioso. Ideal para deportistas y aficionados al fitness.

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  • EAN : 5404035000182
  • ISBN : 9019101000
  • Peso : 1.50 Kg
  • Volumen : 0.00626 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 23.00 cm x 34.00 cm x 8.00 cm
  • Caja : 10 uds
  • Paleta : 200 (Uds.)
  • Dimensiones de la caja : 46cm x 42cm x 36cm
  • Manual de Usuario :
  • Certificaciones :

Descripción y especificaciones del producto

This deep muscular relaxation massage gun helps to increase muscular tension. Prolonged use of a massager can reduce muscular stiffness and pain, promote blood circulation, increase lymphatic flow, deeply relax the skin, eliminate fatigue and improve the skin. The general health of white tejidos can also help prevent fascitis. An ideal treat.



  • This muscular massage vibrator comes with 6 different massage heads in various formats to provide a relaxing massage experience to help users relax all parts of their skin. Activating the muscles, stimulating the blood flow, reducing the time of muscular recovery, relieving the pain and relaxing the head of the head.
  • This massager has very high speed adjustments: light massage, professional massage, muscular desperation and decomposition of lactate acid. Can satisfy a variety of massage requirements.
  • Using a new generation of noise reduction technology, a deep vibration muscular massage gun can provide a powerful reduction in noise. At the same time, a powerful and silent motor guarantees a relaxing and intense massage.
  • Everyone, among professional athletes and gym aficionados, can benefit from this powerful massage.
  • When using a powerful percussion massage therapy, deepen the muscular rigidity. It has the potential to improve the general health of the skin tissues and to prevent inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and the muscles.
  • This gun massager has an ergonomic design that makes it easier to hold and use.
  • The multiple ventilation refrigeration system has a circular efficient refrigeration area through the machine, reducing heat generation, improving power output and extending the useful life of the motor.
  • Change mode with a single button and quickly change the muscular heads; The interface is extremely sensitive, with only the battery indicators and the current mode.


  • Brand: Cenocco
  • Color: Negro, Plata, Azul
  • Material: ABS, PP
  • Function with batteries: Yes
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Number of modes: 3
  • Power: 20-30W
  • Battery: 1500mAh (not included)

The package includes:

  • 1 x Masajeadora gun
  • 6 x Interchangeable massage cabezal
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