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» » Herzberg HG-04036: 3 Pieces Mixing Bowl with Grater Lid Set
Herzberg HG-04036: 3 Pieces Mixing Bowl with Grater Lid Set
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Herzberg HG-04036: 3 Pieces Mixing Bowl with Grater Lid Set

Reference -HG-04036
Recommended retail price 108.00€ Excluding VAT

Experience culinary convenience with the Herzberg HG-04036: 3-Piece Mixing Bowl with Grater Lid Set, offering precise measurement lines and versatile functionality for seamless meal preparation. With ergonomic silicone handles and a space-saving nested design, enjoy comfort and efficiency in your kitchen while maximizing storage space.

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  • EAN : 5404035004036
  • ISBN : 732393000
  • Weight : 1.50 Kg
  • Volume : 0.01193 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 27.00 cm x 26.00 cm x 17.00 cm
  • Box : 18 units


Introducing the Herzberg HG-04036: 3 Pieces Mixing Bowl with Grater Lid Set, a versatile addition to any kitchen. This set includes three stainless-steel bowls in convenient sizes (18 / 22 / 26 cm) with matching tight-seal lids, making it effortless to find the perfect bowl for any culinary task or food storage requirement. Whether you're tossing a salad, grating cheese, marinating meat, or whipping up your favorite cookies, these sleek, nested mixing bowls are your go-to solution.


Not just any ordinary bowls, our set comes with three handy grater inserts that snugly fit into the lid of the largest bowl. Crafted from stainless steel, these grater attachments effortlessly slice, shred, and grate, making food prep a breeze while keeping your workspace neat and tidy. Plus, each bowl features a flat non-skid silicone bottom, ensuring stability during stirring, blending, or whipping, and reducing the risk of spills and messes.


Designed with both convenience and precision in mind, our mixing bowls boast standard and metric measurement lines laser-etched on the inside for easy and instant readability. This feature is perfect for accurately measuring liquid and dry ingredients like oil or flour, ensuring flawless cooking or baking results every time. With additional features such as silicone non-slip bottoms, anti-scald silicone handles, and BPA-free lids for long-lasting freshness, the Herzberg Mixing Bowl with Grater Lid Set is a must-have for any kitchen enthusiast.




  • Durable Construction: This feature highlights the use of high-quality stainless steel in the manufacturing process, emphasizing the product's ability to withstand wear and tear over time, ensuring longevity and reliability for the user.
  • Multi-Functional: This feature underscores the versatility of the product, indicating that it can perform a variety of tasks in the kitchen beyond just mixing, such as grating, slicing, shredding, and more, making it a valuable and versatile addition to any culinary arsenal.
  • Nested Design: This feature describes the space-saving design of the product, where the bowls can be neatly stacked inside one another when not in use, optimizing storage space and making it ideal for kitchens with limited space.
  • Non-Slip Base: This feature highlights the presence of a silicone base on each bowl, which prevents it from sliding or tipping during use, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of accidents or spills.
  • Measurement Lines: This feature refers to the etched measurement lines inside each bowl, providing a convenient and accurate way to measure ingredients directly in the bowl, eliminating the need for separate measuring cups and streamlining the cooking or baking process.
  • Removable Lid with Grater Attachment: This feature indicates that the product comes with tight-seal lids that also serve as grater attachments, allowing for convenient food storage with the added functionality of grating ingredients directly into the bowl, saving time and reducing mess.
  • Ergonomic Silicone Handles: This feature highlights the inclusion of silicone handles on the bowls, which are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, even when handling hot or heavy ingredients, ensuring safety and ease of use for the user.
  • Matte Finish: This feature describes the matte texture of the product's surface, both inside and outside the bowls, which helps prevent scratches and maintains a sleek appearance over time, enhancing the product's aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • BPA-Free Lids: This feature assures customers that the lids included with the product are made from BPA-free materials, ensuring that they are safe for food storage and consumption, and prioritizing the health and well-being of the user and their family.
  • Pouring Spout: This feature indicates the presence of integrated pouring spouts on each bowl, allowing for mess-free pouring and easy transfer of liquids, enhancing convenience and precision in the kitchen during meal preparation.




  • Brand name: Herzberg
  • Color: Chrome, Red
  • Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
  • Lid Material: Silicone
  • Grater Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1.5, 3 & 5 quarts
  • Size: 18, 22, 26cm
  • Attachment Grater: Slicing, Shredding, Grating
  • BPA-Free: Yes
  • Pouring Spout: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Anti-Slip Buttom: Yes



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