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» » » Herzberg HG-04159: Foldable Tabletop Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill
Herzberg HG-04159: Foldable Tabletop Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill
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Herzberg HG-04159: Foldable Tabletop Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill

Reference -HG-04159
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Experience the freedom of outdoor grilling with our portable tabletop grill, providing convenient, on-the-go cooking for all your outdoor adventures. Enjoy delicious grilled meals anywhere you go, thanks to its compact and lightweight design that ensures effortless transportation and setup.

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  • EAN : 5404035004159
  • ISBN : 732119000
  • Weight : 2.10 Kg
  • Volume : 0.00290 m3
  • (L x l x H) : 44.00 cm x 22.00 cm x 3.00 cm
  • Box : 10 units


Experience the ultimate convenience of outdoor grilling with the Herzberg HG-04159 Foldable Tabletop Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill. Designed for portability and ease of use, this grill is perfect for impromptu gatherings, camping trips, or backyard barbecues. Its foldable design allows for quick setup and storage, making it ideal for those who enjoy outdoor cooking on the go. Crafted from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, this grill ensures safe and healthy grilling experiences, while its windproof construction and multiple vents ensure even heating and efficient combustion.


Constructed with durability in mind, this portable grill features a sturdy frame capable of supporting up to 15 kg, allowing you to cook a variety of foods without worry. The grill grate, made of 304 stainless steel, offers durability and easy cleaning, ensuring hassle-free maintenance after each use. With its compact size and lightweight design, this grill is easy to carry anywhere, making it perfect for camping, fishing, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Whether you're grilling burgers, roasting skewers, or boiling water, this versatile grill is sure to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.


Enjoy delicious grilled meals wherever you go with the Herzberg HG-04159 Foldable Tabletop Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill. Whether you're spending a day at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or simply enjoying a picnic in the park, this portable grill is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. Its compact and foldable design makes it easy to transport and set up, while its durable stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting performance. With its windproof design and multiple vents, this grill provides even heating and efficient combustion, allowing you to cook your favorite foods to perfection every time.




  • Portable Design: The foldable tabletop grill boasts a design that prioritizes portability, allowing users to effortlessly transport and store it. Its compact form factor makes it an excellent companion for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and tailgating, ensuring that delicious grilled meals are always within reach wherever you go.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, this grill ensures exceptional durability and longevity, even with frequent use. This robust construction not only withstands the rigors of outdoor environments but also maintains its quality over time, providing reliable performance for countless grilling sessions.
  • Windproof Design: Engineered with a four-sided windproof design, this grill offers enhanced stability and heat retention, even in windy conditions. By minimizing heat loss and preventing flames from being extinguished by gusts of wind, it ensures consistent heating and optimal grilling results regardless of the outdoor environment.
  • Efficient Combustion: Featuring eight vents strategically placed for optimal airflow, this grill facilitates efficient combustion, resulting in even cooking temperatures and consistent grilling performance. The well-ventilated design ensures that flames receive an ample supply of oxygen, promoting thorough and uniform cooking of food items.
  • Quick Assembly: With no assembly required, setting up this grill is a breeze. Simply unfold the legs and place the grill grate in position to enjoy instant grilling convenience. This hassle-free setup process eliminates the need for complex assembly instructions, allowing users to focus on enjoying their outdoor cooking experience without delay.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning up after grilling is effortless thanks to the removable rustle part and stainless steel grill grate. Both components can be easily washed with water, ensuring convenient maintenance and hygiene after each use. This user-friendly cleaning process saves time and effort, allowing users to spend more time enjoying their grilled delicacies.
  • Versatile Cooking: From grilling meats and vegetables to roasting skewers and boiling water, this grill offers versatile cooking capabilities to suit a variety of outdoor culinary needs. Whether you're craving a classic barbecue or experimenting with new recipes, this grill provides the flexibility to accommodate different cooking styles and preferences.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Designed for on-the-go convenience, this grill boasts a lightweight and compact build that makes it easy to carry and transport. Its portable nature ensures that outdoor cooking adventures are never restricted by heavy or bulky equipment, allowing users to enjoy grilled meals wherever their journey takes them.
  • Sturdy Frame: Despite its portable design, this grill features a sturdy frame capable of supporting up to 15 kg of weight. This robust construction provides stability and peace of mind during grilling sessions, ensuring that the grill remains secure and steady even when loaded with food items.
  • Safe and Healthy: Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, this grill prioritizes safety and health in outdoor cooking. The use of high-quality materials ensures that grilled foods remain free from harmful contaminants, offering peace of mind to users who prioritize safe and healthy eating experiences during their outdoor adventures.



  • Brand name: Herzberg
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Fold Size: 41cm x 21.5cm x 2cm
  • Open Size: 73cm x 21.5cm x 17cm
  • Number of Exhaust: 4 sides and 8 Vents
  • Windproof: Yes
  • Maximum Capacity: 15 kgs
  • Food Grade Material: Yes
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